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Horse Care Products

Joseph Lyddy cares about the health, wellbeing and comfort of your horse and our products have been caring for horses for 120 years.

The Joseph Lyddy horse grooming range is made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure your horses mane, tail, coat and hooves are well taken care of. The Black Caviar grooming range is exclusive to Joseph Lyddy, and contains all the gear you need from ears to hoof. We also have a range of shampoo, conditioner and hoof products for health and for show.

Our horse health products look after the health, wellbeing and comfort of your horse. Our hoof care products protect against cracking of the wall, sole or frog and treat dry, brittle, cracked, shelly hooves, as well as corns, quarter cracks, split hooves and heels. N-Dem will provide relief for your horse from insects while Tru Blue provides instant relief for your horses skin abrasions.

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Tea Tree Herbal Shampoo

Effectively cleans and removes dirt and grime without stripping the natural oils from the coat when used according to directions. It is enriched with natural essential oil of Australian Tea Tree and is recommended for all skin and coat types.



Blac-It is still one of Joseph Lyddy’s most popular and loved products. Blac-It a fast drying hoof enamel dries to a high gloss finish.

Blac-It's glossy finish is long-lasting and durable. The Blac-It coating resists scratches, so it retains its high-gloss appearance for a long time.

The finish is very water-repellent, so that Blac-It helps to keep hooves dry, and it will not wash off the hooves in wet conditions, such as when the horse is on wet grass or in a muddy paddock.

A multipurpose product, Blac-It can also be used as a black lacquer for all kinds of interior ironwork, steps, brickwork, engines, metal, timber etc


Farrier's Choice

Farrier's Choice is a medicated hoof-dressing grease. An aid in the treatment of dry, brittle, cracked and shelly hooves when horses are shod or plated frequently.

Protects against cracking of the wall, sole or frog of the hoof. Will not seal or clog the pores. Softens, heals and stimulates normal hoof growth. Pleasant smelling formulation that has built in insect repellent. Can be easily applied in all climates with applicator bristle brush.


Show Glow

Show Glow is a great hair and coat polish for a long-lasting sheen for better presentation. Leaves the mane and tail tangle free.


True Blue II Medicated Spray

This Hopple Chafe Lotion gives instant relief to stubborn chafes, skin abrasions, saddle or harness galls. Quick drying, penetrates with antiseptic and antifungal qualities.


B-Black Waterbased Hoof Polish

Liquid hoof blackener. Water based rich black hoof polish. Ideal for last minute touch-ups. Natural ingredients only, no lacquer. Quick drying and easily removed with water. 75ml with no mess sponge applicator.